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Meet Will Batrouney, Shillington Graduate and Founder of Anyday Clothing

Studying at Shillington Melbourne helped Will Batrouney learn “a good balance of design fundamentals and theory”, land a job at Ignite Online in Collingwood and launch Anyday Clothing, his own t-shirt company.

Read on to learn about his Shillington experience, where he finds inspiration, and his potential next t-shirt design … inspired by ramen!

What were you up to before Shillington? Why did you take the plunge and enrol?
Before Shillington I worked in Marketing for two years and never really enjoyed what I was doing. I wanted to be creative, but never really had an outlet and didn’t know how to use any of the programs. I think I just assumed it was all too hard. Luckily I got to know the programs a bit in my job, began experimenting with illustrations and typography in my spare time and very quickly realised that I wanted to be a graphic designer.

I remember going to an Info Session at Shillington and realising that it was right for me. Being largely self taught, I knew that there was a lot that I needed to learn, but I also felt that I was ready to take on briefs and really push myself creatively. Shillington seemed to provide a good balance of the fundamentals and theory, and also creativity and practicality. 

Tell us more about Anyday Clothing! Looks like such a cool venture.
I’ve always loved t-shirt designs/band merch and that kind of thing, so when I first started using Illustrator I instantly wanted to create things and put them on a t-shirt. That’s how Anyday was born.

Anyday became a way for me to improve my design skills and is really what helped developed my love for illustration and typography.

I really enjoy the process of developing a design, getting it to the printer and then seeing the end product. Not needing to buy t-shirts anymore is pretty good too. 

How did studying at Shillington help with your t-shirt business and being an entrepreneur?
I think the processes I learned at Shillington helped me to think more creatively and push my ideas further—and probably get to an end result I am happy with quicker. Becoming a better designer has helped me be more professional in how I present the brand as well, especially online.  

 Where do you find creative inspiration?
It is kind of hard to know exactly. I guess there are obviously a lot of amazing artists and designers out there that are a constant source of inspiration. In terms of coming up with ideas for t-shirt designs, I have a list on my phone of random things that I jot down and then revisit, almost like the beginning of an idea for a song.

I just looked and found one then ‘now and forever, ramen’. I might get to work on that!

What was your favourite student brief and why?
My favourite brief was creating the branding and identity for an event to help improve the public image of a company/organisation. I chose Tiger Airways (they cancelled my flight the week before) and I called the event Tiger Rock. Tiger Rock was a music festival in Sumatra that raises money to save Sumatran Tigers.

I really enjoyed this brief because I basically got to dream up my own festival line up and create posters, tickets, t-shirts and other collateral as well as a website. I had a lot of freedom with this brief and really got to push my ideas and experiment with different image treatments and effects. 

What were your teachers and classmates like?
My teachers and classmates were awesome. Over the 3 months, we all became really close and we all kind of worked together and pushed each other to get to the end result. Everyone had different interests and styles and it was really cool to see that in everyone’s work.  

What would you say to someone who is sceptical about the Shillington course?
Go to an Info Session, ask some questions and see if it’s for you. The fact that the full time course is only 3 months might be hard to get your head around but when you see the standard of student work and understand how each day is structured, it starts to make more sense. Each day you are putting into practice what you learn and constantly building on that.

Thanks to Will for sharing his Shillington story! View more of his work on his website and check out Anyday Clothing on Instagram.

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