Manuel Estrada: Painting with Letters

29 May 2019
New York

Manuel Estrada is returning back to New York! Come out to this event at TDC to hear him talk about his book design, posters and logo work. Also, be sure to check out the “Painting with Letters” exhibition at TDC featuring his book covers, typograms and other typographic projects.

For Manuel, “writing and painting are two close activities that are in the central core of the creation process. Painting with letters is something I have always been interested in, as in writing with images. It is a way of summing up all tools to turn design into an object to read or an image to look at. This is the central idea of this exhibition. Most of works shown are book covers, but we’ve introduced some posters and logos that are built around the same principle: typography as the main tool of graphic design.”

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