Living with Buildings

Through 3 March 2019

This fascinating exhibition at Wellcome Collection explores how the buildings that surround us affect our physical and mental health.

Explore the role colour can play in making us feel better, see a pioneering mobile clinic designed to provide adaptable healthcare in emergency situations and examine the history and continuing reality of how we design for health.

Featuring works by Andreas GurskyRachel Whiteread and Martha Rosler, as well as buildings designed by Ernö Goldfinger, Berthold Lubetkin and Alvar Aalto, this exhibition examines some of the ways in which architects, planners and designers influence our health, self-esteem and ideas about society.

Consider the urgent connections between our homes and our health and look anew at the future of our built environment.

The exhibition is free, but check out some of the exhibition highlights to see what to expect!

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Oliver Stevenson
February 5, 2019

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