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Lipstick Lobby and Fired Up Challenge from Shanti Sparrow

We’re extremely proud of  Shanti Sparrow (Shillington New York’s Head of Teaching)’s recent involvement in such an incredible project. Using her design skills she joined forces with social justice movement The Lipstick Lobby to design the packaging for their lipstick, Fired Up. An initiative to join together in protest against the threats to freedoms posed by the Trump Administration;

So pucker up in protest with us. Together we can resist. Together we can make a difference. Together we can #LipstickItToTheMan!”

Proceeds from purchases of the lipstick collection will go to the Brady Centre to Prevent Gun Violence—something particularly pertinent in the minds of America’s citizens following several incidents within schools this year. Regarding Shanti’s creative process as her role as designer she says; “So often we feel powerless when faced with preventable tragic incidents. Illustrating the “Fired Up“ packaging became a way for me to channel my frustrations.

Art and design is an empowering and uniting medium.

With this in mind we created the #FiredUpChallenge to provide a platform for the public to express their own frustrations. I am overwhelmed with the support and creativity of those who have participated in the Fired Up Challenge. The generosity and passionate response has humbled me.”

On top of the lipstick itself, more creative fuel has been added to the fire by way of a grassroots initiative which invites the public to show their support and create awareness by designing their own typographic design featuring the words “Fired Up”. Along with her own stunning designs shown below, fellow team members Alan Barba (Shillington New York full-time Teacher) and Anthony Wood (Shillington Managing Director) have got involved and their inspiring work has already caught the attention of GoodType on Instagram.

Get involved in this inspiring movement by posting your ‘Fired Up’ typography on Instagram along with the hashtag #FIREDUPCHALLENGE and tagging @thelipsticklobbyWinning submissions will be turned into merchandise to be sold on the Lipstick Lobby’s site and profits will be shared with the winning artist. Competition ends on June 15th.

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