Here at Shillington we have an (un)healthy addiction to printed matter. Whether it’s for its immaculate editorial design, intriguing binding or believe it or not for the contents within—we all have our favourites. We’re delighted to introduce a new series for 2017, Shillington Book Club. Every month we will share one of the Shillington team’s most beloved reads and why we think it would make the perfect addition to your design library. 


Emma Stokes, Part-time Teacher, London

Lance Wyman: The Monograph

Adrian Shaughnessy & Tony Brook / Unit Editions

First of all, Lance is a hero, not just of mine but of many in the design industry—his work spans so many disciplines and years that most can only ever dream to have had the sort of projects and design freedom he has had in his seemingly never ending career. This book is a monument to all the many facets of his work and highlights some of his greatest design achievements such as his (at the time) groundbreaking identity for the 1968 Mexico Olympics which can be found on page 122.

He has a remarkable mind and this book highlights that.

It gives insight into his process from initial research, to the little sketches that sparked that big idea we all hope to catch one day. Each project is laid out as a case study showing the extraordinary breadths he could push out of one idea—from a simple logo to its translation into signage and beyond. He has an incredible knack for taking something seemingly complicated and stripping it back to communicate the message as simply as is possible in the most beautiful of ways. So that’s the content but what about the book? Well, it’s absolutely beautiful. For a bibliophile like myself I can’t resist a good old fashioned deboss in white on a matt black stock at the best of times but pair that with one of Wyman’s outstanding logos and it was never not going to find a space in my ever expanding library* of books.

*Library is this case being a very lose term for a collection of books on some Ikea shelving.

As a side note Unit Editions have also just published an archive book of all his journals and notebooks from 1973 – 1982, to which Wyman refers to as his Visual Diaries. Some might say that was pretty apt for Shillington students! I, as of yet, have not purchased this little beauty but I would hazard a guess that it will be joining the monograph on my shelfs reasonably soon!

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