Kris Andrew Small: Homme

6—16 June 2019

Camberwell’s Blue Shop Cottage are bringing Sydney-based artist and designer Kris Andrew Small to London for his own exhibition ‘Homme’.

Sydney-based Artist & Designer Kris Andrew Small’s idiosyncratic collection of work ranges from lucid abstract pieces & photo based collage, to fervent textural pieces and kinetic type based works. Kris’ work is hard to define and often the result of multiple influences. “I guess a lot of my work comes from my childhood, growing up in the 90s in a tropical part of Australia was pretty colourful and flamboyant, that has always really stuck in my brain.”  These early influences are clear across Kris’ portfolio and help to connect the dots and to define his energetic aesthetic.

‘Homme’ is an exploration of Masculinity. It’s something I’ve always been really confused by and felt I don’t relate to… but does that make me any less of a man? This show is a way for me to challenge that and say hey, ‘being a man’ has literally 1,000 variations and I don’t necessarily agree with the current definition or perception of masculinity. The show also aims to present an alternative view of masculinity, weather this is a more feminine man, a more sexual man, or a more emotional man. This concept will be explored with lucid textural pieces, kinetic type based works and wallpaper and fabric installation. ‘Homme’ will feature Screen, Riso, Giclee & Digital print pieces, as well as original works.

6—16 June 2019 at Blue Shop Cottage, 113a Grove Lane, Camberwell SE5 8BH

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