(Global) The Rookies—2017 International Design Awards

Rookie—an artist, creative, or innovator trained and ready for their first experience as a member of a professional studio team. Artists showcasing their work in any given discipline are known as ‘Rookies’.

No more procrastinating on weekends—The Rookies International Design Awards are here! Created to discover emerging talent, this competition can launch your career at the world’s top studios.

Dubbed the “Oscars for young creative minds”, young designers from around the world are invited to submit their work for this highly competitive prize. With twelve categories to choose from, Shillington graduates can showcase their artistic talents in Graphic Design.

“People are genuinely shocked when they discover how amazing the student work is these days—even after six years we are still constantly blown away with the quality and diversity of young talent,” Alwyn Hunt—co-founder of The Rookies.

Last year The Rookies listed Shillington #3 of Best Creative Schools in the World. Your entry will help us rise in the rankings for 2017!

Reach your design dreams—submit your best work now!

Deadline—Monday, 29th May.