Essex Street Market Signage & Typeface Design

29 November 2018
New York

The Essex Market has an entirely new identity design and signage. In this talk, Tobias Frere-Jones and Nina Stössinger will talk about the design and process behind the creation, as well as the way letterforms evolve between eras, hinting at the story of the city and its past.

For those not familiar with the market,  it’s been a big part of the lower east side of Manhattan for nearly three-quarters of a century. “The typeface anchors this newest incarnation of the market in its history, by referring back to some of the meat market’s earliest painted and neon signage. The designers have researched these original signs and reinterpreted them in contemporary form, adapting the fonts for various applications and media.”

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Dina Shirin
November 27, 2018

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