Nikita Prokhorov, New York Full-time Teacher

Dangerous Curves, Mastering logotype design 
Author/Publisher:  Doyald Young / Delphi Press

When I think of hand-lettering and typography, Doyald Young is the first name that comes to mind. His work is second to none, and yet, there are many designers that have never heard his name, although it’s an almost 100% guarantee that they’ve seen his work.

If someone asked me to describe Doyald Young’s work, I would only need one word, gorgeous.

Looking at his lettering and logo work even in their early sketch stages, they seems absolutely perfect. Every curve is beautiful, every diagonal is crisp, and nothing is out of place. When I see his sketches, I often think of sketch studies that Michelangelo and Leonardo do for their paintings: the sketches themselves are masterpieces! That’s how I feel about Doyald Young’s work.

Aside from this book, there are two other books I would recommend from Doyald Young. All three were sold together as a set, although they were available for purchase separately.

1. Fonts & Logos: Font Analysis, Logotype Design, Typography, Type Comparison
2. Logotypes & Letterforms: Handlettered Logotypes and Typographic Considerations

If you love hand-lettering, typography, and logos…these three books will become your constant companions, and you will find yourself referring to them constantly.

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