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Jason Cooper

Jason loves all things branding and has the same design philosophy with every job he does: to focus in on the core message and use creativity to ensure engaging results.
Thumbnail for: A Creative’s Guide<br>to Sydney
A Creative’s Guide
to Sydney

Wherever you go in the world, the same dilemma arises: city or beach? But when it comes to Australia, there’s no dilemma at...

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Thumbnail for: Geometry of Pasta #tbt
Geometry of Pasta #tbt

In 2017, we're shifting gears on our design history #tbt series. Instead of mini lessons on graphic design legends, our...

Branding Publishing
Thumbnail for: What Makes a Good Infographic?
What Makes a Good Infographic?

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, our brains come into contact with millions of points of information every day. We only...

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Thumbnail for: Alan Fletcher #tbt
Alan Fletcher #tbt

This my ode to the one and only Alan Fletcher. I fell in love with his work years ago, and his captivating creativity still...

Branding Throwback Thursday
Thumbnail for: The Power of a Bookbook
The Power of a Bookbook

When new students ask if print is dying, I like to share this genius video ... and then open the topic for...

Thumbnail for: Apple #tbt
Apple #tbt

Steve Jobs of Apple (1955-2011) In 1984, the launch of the first Apple Macintosh shocked the world. Suddenly there was a new...

Throwback Thursday
Thumbnail for: 4 Tips To Land<br>Your Dream Job
4 Tips To Land
Your Dream Job

You’re about to graduate from your Graphic Design Course—whoop! It may have been a steep learning curve with that bloody pen...

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