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Clay Allison

Thumbnail for: (UK) NTS Talks Presents: ‘Transformation’
(UK) NTS Talks Presents: ‘Transformation’

‘Transformation’. “A marked change in form, nature or appearance”. One topic, three speakers. NTS Talks presents;...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Design City Weekender
(UK) Design City Weekender

Brought to you in association with GF Smith and the Manchester Print Fair, comes Design City Weekender – a three day event...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Designing Design
(UK) Designing Design

If you’ve got questions and you need them answering, look no further than ECUK and The Neigbourhood’s event ‘What is...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?
(UK) Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

Have you ever felt empowered when you’ve taken in information efficiently? Or have you ever been persuaded or swayed by a...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Basquiat—Boom for Real
(UK) Basquiat—Boom for Real

Barbican have recently opened up an exhibition showcasing New York’s very own Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat was at the heart...

Thumbnail for: (UK) PoP Folio Zine Awards 2017
(UK) PoP Folio Zine Awards 2017

Competition time! If you’re a fan of zines – then this one’s for you. Maybe you’ve got the work, but you don’t want...

Thumbnail for: (UK) London Design Fair
(UK) London Design Fair

Taking place in the heart of Brick Lane, East London – comes the London Design Fair. Prepare your senses to absorb...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Designers Fiesta
(UK) Designers Fiesta

This event is all about adding to your skill-set. Whether you're a graphic designer or a business strategist, but have a...

Thumbnail for: (UK) World Illustration Awards
(UK) World Illustration Awards

Just a few days to go to catch some emerging talent at the World Illustration Awards at Somerset House. This exhibition will...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Walala X Play
(UK) Walala X Play

Camille Walala of Walala Studio is bringing the colour to Now Gallery in an art installation that explores patterns, colour and...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Mike Meyer: Hand Lettering & Lettering Effects
(UK) Mike Meyer: Hand Lettering & Lettering Effects

Ever been blown away by a hand-written sign, and wanted to sell your own ideas using the same technique? Then Sign Painters’...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Collage Club at KK Outlet
(UK) Collage Club at KK Outlet

Graphic Design isn’t all about pushing pixels around on a screen – here at Shillington we love handmade elements of design...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Plan Bee Manchester
(UK) Plan Bee Manchester

Plan Bee is a fantastic event that brings small studios and people together. After the tragedy on May 22nd, the guys over at...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Something Good Festival
(UK) Something Good Festival

For those fascinated by the creative process, introducing Bristol’s Something Good festival. The event will be hosted by...

Thumbnail for: (UK) Glug: Personality Types
(UK) Glug: Personality Types

For all things type! Introducing Glug’s Personality Types event, which is curated by Birmingham's own Luke Tonge. This event...

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