(AU) #TDKtuesdays February 2018

Losing some steam after the Christmas break? Mark your calendar for Tuesday, 6 February 2018 and pop by your local #TDKtuesdays with The Design Kids!

What is #TDKtuesdays? The Design Kids have decided there is waaaay too much emailing and not enough socialising. So—roll on Tuesdays (Luckily its begins with a T!) where we will sit down, have a beer and invite anyone to join in. Some of the highlights from last year: multiple people got jobs, magazine swaps, team camping holiday, internships, collaborations, best friends were made, and group shows organised. And a lot of beer drunk!

It’s a great place for design students and grads to meet other design students and grad, talk shit, swap notes, get involved and just generally build a bigger design community where you live. Maybe they’ll be industry folk there too, who knows. If you are shy, and “networking” (dirty word) is hard, this is a easy place to start. Grab a friend and come say hi.

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6 February in many major cities