Mari Andrew On Growing Up—Talk and Workshop

Any Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew) fans in the house? Don’t miss her Australian visit to Sydney and Melbourne with The School of Life!

Writer, illustrator and creator of the wildly popular Instagram account, New Yorker Mari Andrew shares how resilience and a sense of humour can help us survive the tumultuous journey to adulthood.

Our late teens and twenties are testing times that promise to define the rest of our lives. Dealing with the pressures of becoming an adult, finding the right career and falling in love can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lost, isolated and unfulfilled. It doesn’t help that the world is changing so quickly that most of the old rules about work and relationships no longer seem to apply.

Where might we look for guidance along this often bewildering path to adulthood? How can we learn to find the courage and resilience to leave the map behind and wander off the beaten track? Most importantly, how do we go about answering the single most urgent question of our youth: ‘What exactly should I be doing with my life?’

This June, Mari Andrew will join The School of Life for a series of exclusive events on her first visit to Australia.

Mari will share six guiding themes that have helped her navigate her journey to adulthood. Drawing on works from her recently released first book, Am I There Yet?: The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood, Andrew will explore how qualities like resilience, isolation, empathy, authenticity, discovery and healing can act as a compass throughout our formative years and help us develop a healthier and balanced perspective on life.

This special event will leave us with new insights into how we can tackle the trials of youth (and beyond), embrace the unknown and accept zigzagging and loop-de-looping as part of the adventure to find joy and meaning in the uncertainty of our daily lives.

20, 21 June in Melbourne and 28, 30 June in Sydney

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