AGDA’s Ideas and How to Have Them

Join AGDA and Wandering Cooks for an extra special event, Ideas and How to Have Them.

The ability to think up successful (engaging, relevant) ideas can be learnt, developed and applied. Anyone – properly prepared and prepared to try – can do it. In our world of ever-increasing attention-demanding information, an idea – to catch the ear and eye – can mean the difference between adored and ignored. Discover what constitutes an idea, why and how to have them, judge them, and the difference they can make.

Led by Graham, Creative Director at Folk—a specialist brand identity and user experience design consultancy in Annandale, Sydney. He enjoys thoughtful design. The smile behind the style. Be that with words, pictures. Or both.

Food Available 5-9pm:

East By Middle East
Atena takes the helm and serves Persian and Punjabi inspired goodness for dinner

Rani’s Cuisine
run by Rani Veerassamy, Mauritian and Indian curries that will keep you coming for more

Aburi Boi Street Food
run by Phin Prak, amazing Cambodian cuisine served with care and awesome flavour

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Thursday, 21 March 2019 from 6—9pm

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Sara Mazzoni
March 18, 2019

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