Huge congratulations to our two Shillington winners of the TDK ’17 Awards! A great follow-up to our three Shillington winners in 2016.

2017 was the first year The Design Kids opened up the competition worldwide, and there were more than 700 (!) entries. They invited 10 international industry leaders to judge the work. They were told to pretend they were hiring for a junior role and to pick three people they would get in for an interview based on all the applications. Check out the esteemed judges: Johan Debit – Brand Brothers (Paris), Verònica Fuerte – Hey Studio (Barcelona), Will Hudson – Its Nice That (London), Steven Harrington & Justin Kreitemeyer – National Forest (LA), David Constantine – Pleasure Projects (Melbourne), Matt Arnold & Tim Kelleher – Sons and Co. (Christchurch), Tad Carpenter – Carpenter Collective (Kansas City), Alberto Salván Zulueta – Tres Tipos Gráficos (Madrid), Dem Gerolemou – Ustwo (London/Sydney), James Gilchrist & Beth Wilson – Warriors Studio (Glasgow).

Check out work and praise for Shillington Brisbane graduate Jing Ong and Shillington New York graduate Kathleen Crosby:

1. Jing Ong, Shillington Brisbane Graduate

Picked by Johan Debit of Brand Brothers (Paris): “Lightweight, refreshing and poetic work, combined with impressive illustration work and a beautiful mastery of space. Jing particularly seduced me with her Joy Luck Club lettering, which is a real risk-taking and avoids the current fashion effects.”

View Jing’s website


2. Kathleen Crosby, Shillington New York Graduate

Picked by Johan Debit of Brand Brothers (Paris): “Kathleen shows interesting versatility and bravery that I want to salute! She tackles unusual subjects and her work is both controlled and relevant, with a touch of humour. I am sensitive to her storytelling skills through design and illustration and her abstraction.”

View Kathleen’s website