Nothing beats a smart and creative campaign to grab your attention. One that has been designed to win over hearts and minds, and gets people to happily purchase or sign up to something through clever imagery, typography and creativity.

A campaign might change the perception of a brand for the better. It could just highlight a product or service in an over-saturated market. Whatever its purpose, a great campaign can be a powerful thing. But not every amazing idea becomes a reality. Here, we’ve picked out 15 of the best fictional campaigns, created by our own Shillington students.

1. Be a Filmhead by Christie O’Loughlin

Shillington New York student Christie O’Loughlin’s Be a Filmhead campaign is based on a fictional filmmakers lab for young filmmakers of diverse backgrounds sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. The Lab and the promotional campaign were conceived as a means to improve the image of the Academy – showing them to be more contemporary, relevant and inclusive.

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2. Pod by Daniel Kan

Shillington London student Daniel Kan crafted a conceptual brand identity for a fictional interstellar travel agency.

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3. Meld by Georgia Mae Lewis

Shillington London student Georgia Mae Lewis designed a creative campaign for Classic FM to bring classical music into the lives of the younger generation. It was based on Meld, a three-day festival of concerts and events that merge UK grime and classical, orchestral music.

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4. Day 32 by Grace Diebel

Shillington New York student Grace Diebel’s campaign for Comcast literally gives clients their time back by partnering with errand and chore company, Task Rabbit.

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5. Important by Inigo Ropner

Shillington London student Inigo Ropner wanted to break down the taboo nature that surrounds pornography by educating people on the many unspoken benefits it can have on society. The clever designs are focused around several abstract illustrations that translate into Kama Sutra.

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6. Little Chef by Jasmine O’Dell

Shillington London student Jasmine O’Dell’s campaign aims to change perceptions of Little Chef—a cooking competition for children. It will help both parents and children to start thinking of Little Chef restaurants as a place to spend time together as a family.

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7. Snake Week by Jason Lui

Shillington Sydney student Jason Lui’s campaign hopes to change perception and increase awareness of snakes to children in Australia.

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8. Comic Sans by Jen Ng

Shillington New York student Jen Ng crafted a campaign for a workshop to embrace the Comic Sans letterform—a champion typeface for those living with dyslexia. She wanted to encourage people to make their own patterns and compositions using various Comic Sans characters and turn them into sellable art. With proceeds going to the International Dyslexia Association to help fund ongoing research and treatment.

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9. Kodak by Julia Frankch

Shillington London student Julia Frankch’s campaign aims to reconnect with a younger audience by going back to Kodak’s roots of analogue photography. The concept of the event was to encourage people to get away from technology and to go back to the craft of making.

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10. Country Women’s Association by Katie Lodge

Shillington Sydney student Katie Lodge’s fictional concert event was to draw upon the culinary traditions of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) and host a baking competition. Using a slightly “tongue in cheek” approach in order to appeal to a younger male demographic, the phallic fruit and vegetables are tied to baking recipes featured in the competition.

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11. Tiger Airways by Lori Beth Kaye

Customers of Tiger Airways identify the brand as offering poor service, as well as poor communication and safety, creating low satisfaction ratings and reduced turnover. For Shillington Melbourne student Lori Beth Kaye, the brief was to deliver a “positive perception and attitudinal shift through experiential activations”. The solution was the creation of a bespoke app design focusing on UI and UX to deliver market activations and reposition customer engagement and opinion.

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12. Floating by Max Barry

Shillington London student Max Barry crafted new branding for a space photography event aimed at positioning Edinburgh Observatory as a cultural destination.

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13. Illuminations by Oliver Friedfeld

Shillington Manchester student Oliver Friedfeld designed a networking campaign to bring together students at university.

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14. We Are Revolting by Milly Hilton

Shillington London student Milly Hilton’s We Are Revolting creative campaign doesn’t gloss over the not-so-glamorous aspects of using a menstrual cup. It embraces the yuck-factor and uses a tongue in cheek voice to appeal to the mainstream consumer.

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15. Nocturnal Instinct by Stephanie Badawi

Nocturnal Instinct by Shillington London student Stephanie Badawi is a beautiful creative campaign for an immersive night at the Museum of Zoology in London.

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