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Now it’s time for the 2017 update, and we’re excited to share 11 new Google and Yelp reviews of our graphic design course from campuses around the globe: New York, London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hear about their experiences, tips for prospective students and how studying at Shillington changed their careers and lives.  

Cory M

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Plain and simple, Shillington changed my life in the best way possible. I always loved art and creative “stuff”, but never thought I could make my passion into a career. I looked into every single program in New York (and some outside of the city) and found generally only two options, neither of which would work for me. [When] I found Shillington I thought … this honestly must not be real. I hadn’t seen anything like it. It was literally everything I wanted to learn … in only three months.

Turns out it is very real and was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my life. I will not sit here and say it was a walk in the park. It was definitely hard work, but the more you push yourself, the more likely you are to graduate with a portfolio that looks like you went to school for four years.

The teachers, all practicing graphic designers, are some of the most incredible people I have ever met. They are talented designers and more importantly, they are passionate about teaching in a way that will help you develop your own style.

I can easily say I learned more from my Shillington teachers in 3 months than I ever did from any of my professors in college.

The course is set up perfectly so that even if you have never touched a Mac in your life, you can succeed. After having no experience with Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, I am now sitting in front of a massive Mac desktop as a Graphic Designer for an awesome ad agency in NYC working on cool brands like Nike, BMW, LG, Hennessy, and more. Somebody smack me!!!! If it isn’t clear already, Shillington is unbelievable and I do not think there is anything out there like it. DO IT!

Rhys Merritt

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Best design college in the world. Hands down.

Priscilla Lynarko

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Studying at Shillington College was undoubtedly the right decision for me. I did the full-time graphic design course. I really enjoyed my experience here and it is because of the learning environment, and the relaxed and friendly culture. The teachers are passionate and approachable. Because the class is smaller in comparison to a university class, the teachers get the chance to really know you and help you.

There are times when it will get intense (ahem, portfolio), but everyone supports each other. You will push yourself, and you will achieve more because of it.

I can’t believe how much I learnt in 3 months. It’s insane thinking about it.

I discovered a lot about myself too and I know now that my choice to study here was a big step on the right path.

Alexandra Menzies

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I decided to study at Shillington because the student work was wildly-impressive and I wanted to learn those skills too! I really liked the idea of finishing the course within 9 months.

At graduation I felt extremely proud—to think 9 months prior I had literally never opened Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign!

When you put the time in it’s amazing what you can learn in such a short period of time and I think that’s a testament to the course structure at Shillington.

Samantha E

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I avoided the world of design for years because I’m not a natural artist; but when I finally decided to make the move, Shillington was the best price, location, amount of time, and results-producing program that I found (globally). I live in DC, and most of the students in my class were from other city/states as well as other countries. So if you’re not in New York, it’s still definitely doable.

Heads up: the course will kick your butt. I felt like a zombie for 3 months. But it paid off, and I’m currently a junior designer at a small advertising agency in DC.

I think the thing I most appreciate is that we were taught how to do things the *right* way. When learning anything for the first time, I think that’s crucial, and my Art Director definitely appreciates that fact. When I was hired, I was told that my portfolio (produced through Shillington) stood out because of how polished it was. I think that’s a testament to the quality of education/skills you’ll get at Shillington.

Vanessa di Cristino

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Shillington College doesn’t only teach graphic design. It develops in each student the skills to analyze client needs in order to come up with efficient and timeless graphic solutions. I graduated in Shillington College in Melbourne in 2011 and since then, I realized my dream: my job is my passion and my workday is based on Shillo’s method.

Reuben Mergard

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Shillington was a fantastic use of my time. What some institutions would slowly cover in 2 years, Shillington does in 3 months. The time spent is more or less the same as some other courses, only run like a fast paced industry studio. The experience of learning and training in a studio-like environment results very high standard of graduate work. All tutors are required to have solid experience in the industry.

Claudia Piggot

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Awesome course! Before Shillington I would have never thought I could learn so much in so little time. The teachers are awesome and make sure you’re ready for the industry which is incredibly helpful and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to say yes to my first job without them.

Lisa Gercovich

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The decision to study graphic design at Shillington College Melbourne was undoubtably one of the best I have made in my life. 2 years after completing the course, I am now pursuing my dream career and spend every day doing something I love.

As a mature age student, I was definitely hesitant about taking the plunge but I can’t recommend the course highly enough for anyone considering a career in design.

Bilal Padia

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It was an unforgettable experience! I took this course on because I wanted to dive into Graphic design, and Shillington had everything I needed. I recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t want to do a degree and get into the industry faster.

Miranda Mayne

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I was really impressed with how Shillington structured their course and how they based their teaching style on real-life briefs. The class was set up like a real-life studio and we were treated more like junior designers than students.

I have heard of so many people who come out of university and feel so overwhelmed by the industry, they really struggle to adjust to the time pressures. But I feel confident going out into the world because I already know how much I can achieve in a high-pressure, time-sensitive situation.

Smiley Bird

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An amazing course which takes you from having no prior knowledge or experience in graphic design through to being a confident and capable junior designer. The 3 month full time Cert IV course is incredibly intensive but so rewarding.

It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and makes you forget what sleep is, but at the same time, it fills you with such a sense of achievement and fulfilment that makes it all worth it.

I highly recommend this course for people like me who want a career change. I was constantly challenged and pushed but the support and inspiration I got from my fellow studdents was incredible. I hadn’t use any of the software before I started the course (I couldn’t even turn the Mac on) but by the end, I had produced a portfolio of work I was proud of.

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