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I love to see someone thrive through discovering their own creative process and potential.

Graphic Design Teacher

Andy Judd

London-based Andy Judd is a graphic designer with over 13 years’ experience in the creative industry. Andy started off his design career working in-house at Live Nation, one of the largest global music and events promoters. Since then, he has worked in different disciplines including working on TV style guides for John Davey Studio, packaging design for large UK high street stores such as Halfords, John Lewis, Debenhams and a range of freelance work, including for his boyhood football team Tottenham Hotspur.

Andy likes to approach his creative work using the process of ‘learn through play’. With this in mind he likes to keep himself creatively busy by putting on creative workshops, including drawing events under his alias leftbutnotright and designing pop vinyl covers with a heavy metal twist.

What do you love about working in design education?

I love to see someone thrive through discovering their own creative process and potential, especially through the use of play. Too often we think of play as something reserved for children or, worse, for the lazy, idle and irresponsible. But playfulness is serious business. It helps us connect to one another in an authentic way, recover from high-stress situations, enjoy our work and remain curious about the world around us.

Tell us what keeps you busy outside of Shillington.

I enjoy walking my little Frenchie, Frankie, in Epping Forest—a huge area of woodland just down the road from where I live. I also love squeezing in a wild swim near Lea Valley. There are a few great swimming spots and you really can’t beat a nice, cold dip.

When I’m in the city, I enjoy grabbing a flat white and heading to a gallery—my current favourites are the Wellcome Collection in Euston and The Photographers’ Gallery, tucked down a back street just off the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. Throw in a quick peruse in any antique store, looking for any unique trinkets for the house and I’m happy.

I also run creative workshops under my monikers PlayTo.Studio and LeftButNotRight. In the latter, I get participants to embrace the awkward and draw with their left (or right!) hand. Results are varied—some surprisingly good and others not so good. But it’s always a laugh a minute.

What or who are you loving right now?

I’ve been watching a lot of Ted Talks recently. My current favourite is Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability.

I have also been listening to a great podcast series Bounce The Block with Emma Croman, who is brilliant photographer. Each episode guests talk about identifying the hurdles that stand in the way of creating and how we can work with these hurdles, rather than fight against them.

If you were a typeface, what would you be?

I think I would be an ink trap typeface. They are enhanced by the manipulation of the corners/edges creating an expressive outcome, and I think that sums me up.

What’s your favourite blog?



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