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Hear straight from our graduates.

If you want to rekindle your creative side in any way, be nurtured, challenged, become a stronger designer (across any creative discipline)—then Shillington is brilliant. I would do it all over again if I could. It literally shaped my future and gave me the skills and connections to get there.

Graphic Designer, DSR Branding

Cait Dorombozo

Why Shillington? What made our design course stand out from the rest?

I actually met a Shillington full-time student in New Farm Park one morning walking our dogs, like a year before I started the course. She lit up talking about it, and my ears pricked up that there was a specialised graphic design college in Brisbane that wasn’t part of the regular Uni route.

Looking online, I got a feel that the course offered real fast-paced skill development, and they offered a part-time class in the evenings which meant I could still work full-time. Plus, there’s an option to pay as you go—massive gamechanger. It was a huge risk (to me) committing to something I’ve always wanted to pursue, and I wanted to have an achievable career pathway. Every graduate becomes a part of the Shillumni network (graduates & other industry professionals). How brilliant is that. Reassuring to know there was something extra beyond the course itself.

I attended an in-person info night and was completely sold. Specifically by Mitch and Adam (who later became my teachers)—super chill and super passionate. They took us through a design process of a fish & chippery from start to finish, and I just couldn’t believe this was a real job. Like hearing someone speak the language you thought you just made up to yourself.

What have you been up to since graduation? How has your life changed after Shillington?

So much. My career completely changed—gone are the days of hospo and real estate. I’m completely humbled and happy to say I am a graphic designer (and getting paid for it haha).

I was really jazzed after graduation and kept the momentum going. I started an Instagram account to archive & share my design projects, I did some free projects for some close friends, put together some unsuccessful proposals (huge learning curb), and I started targeting a select few Brisbane design studios to introduce myself to.

Through an Instagram tag I ended up connecting with Brand Strategist Mark Pollard and chatted with him on Sweathead, A Strategy Podcast on Spotify. It was a chance to further workshop my Greyhound Adoption Campaign (from Shillington) and was very cool to do.

Now I work as full-time designer with a great team, and now they have to suffer my humour each and every day (sorry guys).

You recently landed a job as a Graphic Designer for DSR Branding! Congratulations, how did that come about?

It was super organic. All graduates spoke to an industry professional via a 15-min Zoom to share our portfolio to gain feedback and insights—I was fortunate enough to be paired with Dan Rowell.

I had a script ready to talk through all my projects, which completely (and immediately) went out the door, but turns out when you know your process and design journey then it’s far easier to talk about naturally. I think that’s why I could relax a little, and not worry about sounding too stiff. I just spoke how I speak in real life.

Dan invited me to the studio to meet Reuben, their Lead Designer, to share my portfolio once more. In February I joined the DSR team as a freelancer, and a few months later I was offered a full-time position. I’m grateful to be a part of a team that continues to adapt and evolve with every project, works only with like-minded clients, and champions (and nurtures) professional growth. I’m in the right place. Thanks again Dan.

Did you have any previous design experience? How did the course build your skillset?

No previous experience. I had self-taught some InDesign bare basics the year prior in my old job. The course was phenomenal. It is designed to start you off from scratch, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched Adobe, let alone a Mac.

My teachers were phenomenal. Inspiring. Supporting. Motivating. Constantly filling our design love buckets up and keeping them overflowing. Challenging and empowering us. I remember the first night they called us creatives, and I finally felt in the exact right place.

The short briefs were challenging but got us comfortable with sharing our work at the end of every class. We had a clearly defined process we could follow like a recipe, this became my mantra. To iterate fast. Problem solve. Group critiques became more comfortable and then completely normal. The whole course is designed to give us a taste of different briefs & styles across multiple design programmes, and then we could hone it in at portfolio time.

They teach you to work smarter not harder, to use keyboard shortcuts to be super time-efficient, to be exact and not just guess. I’ve found that processes can take shape and always evolve over time, but the foundation is always the same.  P.S. Never forget your grid haha.

What would you say to someone who is sceptical about the Shillington course?

Just do it.

Trust in the course and trust in the process. Get comfortable with the idea of being vulnerable, because that’s when the real magic happens. Bad ideas lead to good ideas (you need both). It’s not about being perfect. Enjoy it and go along for the ride with a willing and open attitude and you’ll thank yourself later.

Check out Cait’s website and read her full interview on the blog

Claire Grocott
Founder, Studio Kokomo

Winnie Vuong
Junior Designer, HOYTS

Melissa McAuliffe
Exhibition Designer, National Gallery of Victoria

Lauren Horner
Graphic Designer, Hundred Weight Design

Cait Dorombozo
Graphic Designer, DSR Branding

Peter Howell
Freelance Creative

Paul Hallam
Book Designer, Scholastic

Rhys Brennan
Graphic Designer, Romano Beck

Helen Tong
Midweight Designer, Siegel+Gale

Amee Wilson
Art Director, Google

Dana Gendler
Creative Intern, Landor & Fitch

Suparom Ronyut
Designer, Landor & Fitch

Becky Dore
Designer, OnThree

Mason El Hage
Art Director, monopo

Ana Perez
Founder of Anecdota Studio

Claudia Costa
Freelance Graphic Designer

Shireen Roy
Freelance Multidisciplinary Designer

Marc Igbinadolor
Social Media Manager & Content Creator, Diane von Furstenburg

Daniele Regan
Founder of Danibydsgn

Michelle Crocker
Creative Digital Designer, Artlogic

Anuja Shukla
Creative Specialist, Twitter

Jeremy Somers
Founder and Creative Director, We Are Handsome

Jess Mosoph
Junior Creative, Dinosaur

Carolyn Kao
Senior Product Designer, Robinhood

Carl McBride
Designer, Toyfight

Melody Yee
Senior Designer, Lee Matthews

Darsh Seneviratne
Designer, Canva

Matt McKay
Junior Designer, Marks

Ximena Jimenez
Graphic Designer, The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health

Kinda Savarino
Senior Designer, Billion Dollar Boy

Chantel Charchalis
Marketing & Design Manager, CostumeBox

Tom Noon
Design Director, The Midnight Club

Lauren Danger Koste
Studio Manager, The Design Kids

Karina Aslikyan
Freelance Graphic Designer for Music

Karen Liang
Marketing & Design Lead, Dimeo

Ayesha Mansour
Freelance Designer, Aah Yes Studio

Anna Dai
Freelance Graphic Designer

Georgia Latham
Designer & Strategist, Imagist

Natasha Michels
Designer at Nine Publishing and Creative Director at Sweaty City magazine

Mary Lin
Freelance Graphic Designer

Carla Zimbler
VJ and Designer, Tszuj

Wyatt Welles
Freelance Art Director & Designer

Laura Welch
Senior Brand Designer, Upwork

Sophie Bo Schmidt
Freelance UX, Visual & Web Designer

Sivim Ly
Graphic Designer, antidote

Ben Thaler
Senior Brand Designer, Common

Rosylvia Wang
Design and Brand Officer at Historic Houses UK

Liam Speranza
Art Director, THE CHARLES

Em Storey
Freelance Designer

Natalie Taylor
Designer, Mobkoi

Oyinkan Karunwi
Founder & Brand Strategist, Aseda Design Agency

Sylvan Hillebrand
Senior Designer, HarrimanSteel

Maria Vazquez
Freelance Designer and Art Director

Alessandra Conti
Midweight Designer, IRIS

Elizabeth Diffey
Freelance Graphic Designer, Kate McLeod

Majo Crespo
Co-Founder and Strategic Designer, Facético

Lorenzo Mengolini
Senior Product Designer, Revolut

Abbey Swinn
Designer, Special Group

Seyi Ogunlade
Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

Rory Knibbs
Designer, The Midnight Club

Jess Goodall
Graphic Designer & Illustator, Belazu

Stephanie Halovanic
Writer, Pinterest

Megan Voo
Product Designer, Linktree

Gerald Torto
Practice Director, Tech, Re

Eman Abdallah
Graphic & Experience Designer, KAIRO

Ariana Villegas
Visual Designer, Ableton

Ray Wong
Designer, Oink Creative

Johanna Hagenauer
Senior Product Designer, REA Group

Emily Campos
Senior UX Designer, Checkout.com

Rawin Keo
Senior Designer, DermapenWorld

Mark Osmond
Lead Designer, Whalar

Vanessa Bertagnole
Freelance Multimedia Designer

Araki Koman
Freelance Illustrator and Designer

Arwa Al-Salam
Campaigns & Project Manager, Human Appeal

Em Stokes
Freelance Designer, Studio Simple

Veronica Humphris
Digital Designer, Mapway

Leila Bartholet
Senior Web Designer, Human NYC

Jared Worthington
Creative Executive, Tribe Agency

Alexandra Francis
Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Benjamin Ngooi
Visual Designer, Great Wrap

Sophie Lord
Creative Director, Hello May

Khadijah Adbul Nabi
Creative Director & Brand Strategist, Ya Khadijah

Frankie Young
Design Lead, Driven

Ella Donald & Charlotte Carnegie Brown
Co-Founders, Duzi Studio

Jaira Adlawan
Designer & Art Director, Jaira Mia

Jamie Krups
Design & Communications Manager, BALNCE

Keiran McCann
Design Director, EasyKnock

Greg Bemis
Graphic Designer, Nike

Anastasiia Vinnichenko
Designer, Phantom

Loribeth Kaye
Senior Design Manager, Grab

Megan Dweck
Senior Design Lead, McKinsey & Company

James Freebairn
Graphic Designer, 3 Deep

Irina Manning
Freelance UX Designer/Researcher

Shannon Gordon
Senior Digital Designer, Purpose

Sinead Murphy
Freelance Graphic Designer

Ani Monteleone
Senior Art Director, TPN

Caitlin Clancy
Freelance Art Director

Miwako Bishop
Regional Creative Director, The Great Room

Linda Gao
Art Director, WarnerMedia

Will Batrouney
UX/UI Designer, Liquorice

Katie Lodge
Creator, The Creative Lodge

Joseph Lebus
Design Director, Porto Rocha

Jordan Demetriou
Designer, Principals

Hamish Snow
Senior Product Designer, Linktree

Emily Somers
Founder, Bravery Co.

Eleanor Robertson
Middleweight Designer, Here Design

Estefi Panizza
Head of Digital, Death to Stock

Erin Gale
Senior Graphic Designer, Origin Energy

Kylie Meller
Founder, duosista Web and Graphic Design

Yarron Frauenfelder
Lead Designer, Swear Words

Bianca Chu
Senior Designer, Helix Sleep

Bianca Oggiano
Freelance Visual Designer

Christopher J Porter
Creative & Content Lead, Kingdom & Sparrow

Babeth Olde Hanter
Desiger, Doop

Chrystal Christie
Director & Creator, Red Back Rugs

Dominika Stanczyk
Midweight UX/UI Designer, Toyota

Lindsay Koffler
Freelance Designer

Lily Moore
Senior Graphic Designer, Cloudberry Creative

Braden Floris
Product Designer, Lyft

Ashley Ronning
Illustrator and Founder, Helio Press

Tahmena Lutfi
Senior Graphic Designer, Qantas

Anara Davletaliyeva
Product Designer, PLAYGROUND XYZ

Tiffany Yee
Freelance Senior Designer & Illustrator

Amy Sheehan
Design Director, Dotdash

Emma Ladlow
Freelance Designer

Alexis Waller
Creative Director, For The People

Halah El Kholy
In-House Designer, Brew Tea Co

Jess White
Freelance Designer

Bobby Hendry
Designer, Brilliant Logic

Lauren Dannenberg
Designer, Penguin Random House

Arnold Omanyo
Freelance Digital Designer

Dawn Moloney
Founder, A Making Life

Caroline Keefe
Freelance Senior Art Director & Designer

Paul and Amoni Liddell
Senior Visual Designer, Westpac CX and Digital Designer, Feel

Meredith Wallis
Founder & Design Director, House of Wallis

Ocki Magill
Owner & Creative Director, Blue Shop Cottage

Anika George
Product Designer, Y Media Labs

Kelly Hansen
Content Manager, Outreach

Alexander Wu-Kim
Concept Creative, ANDPEOPLE Australia

Jing Ong
Designer, Autumn

Kirsten McColl
Freelance Designer

Jackson Todd
Art Director, Van Der Zwaag

Andy Vargas
Designer, Bitâcora

Moshe Bien
Founder, Cramdyn

Crystal Lin
Associate Director of Product Design, Bank of New Zealand

Stephen Grace
Senior Designer, Christopher Doyle & Co.

Andy Tharagonnet
Graphic Designer, DesignScene

Ben Peters
Freelance Graphic Designer

Brad Holten
Senior User Experience Designer, Mastercard

Molly Sitter
Digital Designer, Madewell

Guy Pittard
Freelance Graphic Designer

Bea Sambalido
Co-Founder & Creative Director, Renegade Folk

Peta Harris
Graphic Designer, Macquarie University

Oceane Combeau
Art Director, Stacks

Anna Mullin
Illustrator, Sneaky Racoon

Theo Witrylak
Visual Designer, EPAM

Paul McKie and Myles Sharpe
Directors, Autumn

Pete Conforto
Senior Designer, Canva

Roo Cassels
Creative Director, Big Fish

James Birks
Freelance Illustrator and Designer

David Scott
UXR Lead, hedgehog lab

Jane Durlacher
Freelance Graphic Designer

Rachel Lee
Freelance Graphic Designer

Janno Saft
Founder & Graphic Designer, Frank Wo

Sean Raynor
Graphic Designer, CMA Design

Vanessa Burgess
Communications Designer, ARTC

Olivier Adam
Freelance Graphic Designer

Margherita Baldi
Senior Designer, BORN Group

Tim Jones
Strategy Director, venturethree

Meg Walker
Freelance Digital Designer

Louise Hamer
Digital Director, Nice&Co

Ina Estrada
Founder & Creative Director, Par Vous Designs

Ulrika Johnson
Founder & Designer, Belle Bellette

Lola Irwanto
Design Manager, Princess Polly

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